Appeal in the family jurisdiction...We are making available to existing clients and also clients of other lawyers.

Appeals in the family jurisdiction. 

It has come to our attention lately that the family court is struggling with its back logs and there are many dissatisfied members of the public about the delay in getting orders and particularly sorting out parenting orders for access and custody arrangements. 

It is our intention to offer a service where exisiting clients of lawyers can come to us with advice for appearance in the High Court to review cases on appeal or judicial review, so as to achieve orders in a more timely fashion. Some clients are voicing they are being treated with some disregard of their dignity in that lower forum, by the Court or lawyer for the child. 

Lawyers for existing clients can be assured we will try to work with the client and their counsel  to achieve some outcome that is more timely. We are not interested in practicing in that forum at that lower level. 

Also members of the public may be dissatisfied with either the advice of their current lawyer or the forum of the family court, so we can look at an appeal or review, where the client may return to their exisiting lawyer, or move on to another. 

Please contact us through the site, and have a very merry Christmas.